There’s nothing like screen-time when it comes to this business, you start seeing things differently from other traders. You start seeing areas/zones where price is going to & where price is coming from and it starts to make plenty of sense.
Here’s a chart on gbpusd showing different areas of support & resistance AND supply & demand. Yes, I typed that on purpose ie area of support & resistance AND supply & demand meaning that some traders look at them differently.
Some say supply & demand zones show origin of moves from one place to another and that’s why at-times when price moves before getting to a support or resistance, it’s most likely moving from a supply or demand zone.
whenever you see strong buying in a downtrend, it’s not because of the rsi, macd etc but key levels, most times pro money would be buying heavily when others are selling in a downtrend BUT when they start the heavy buying in the opposite is key.
If you can read the market like a book, you’ll be able to see these key levels (support & resistance / supply & demand)
the way the market ticks at-times is like a movie and you need to be fully attentive to understand every twist and turn.
From gbpusd you should be able to identify 4 trades ie 3 trades with the trend & 1 against the trend and the trade against could have been taken with higher risk….. yes, not every trade would require the same risk.
trade 1 or 2 instruments and you’ll understand price better, this movement occurs on all instruments by the way.
take your time, there’s no need to rush … the market has been here before us & will be here long after we’ve gone.
REMEMBER: There’s a Common Sense Approach to FOREX Trading
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October 22, 2020


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