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Common Sense Approach to Forex Trading

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Krist Shopify Beginner Levels

This class was the best so far. I been having setback starting forex due to my point of view. Thought it was very confusing stuff but he broke down every single part of the course to the simplest of its kind. I will really like you to be my mentor as i embark on this amazing forex journey. The best so far.

Avonni Langaigne Beginners Level

Very well taught. Due to these videos I am more educated on forex than i would have imagined.

John Khes All Levels

Thanks a lot Mr Tolulope. Appreciated your content a lot!!

Great Ocheni All Levels

This class is actually well organized and clear, barely saw any part that needed correction or whatsoever. keep it up.

Harrisson Prins Beginner Levels

This was a great course. No confusion, only convincing lol thank you

DeRon Cash Beginner Levels

Very clear instructions on beginning the business of forex trading, better than any other video or method of learning for this industry. Thank you!

Tumisang Pheko Beginner Levels

Thank you Mr Tolu, I just started forex a few weeks back and you are the person i found on the internet who explained it clearly and straightforward. I noticed that when calculating the take profit and stop loss, you subtract the stop loss pips from the buying price and add the take profit pips to the buying price.

Christian Fredrick Beginner Levels

Hello Mr Tolu, I am a beginner in the forex industry and i must commend your effort in putting this wonderful course together. I love the fact that, it was straightforward, and easily broken for proper understanding... I wouldn't mind, If you be my mentor. I also don't know how to contact you privately. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!

Segun Olaniyi Beginner Levels

Great Course! I would definitely like to connect with you.

Adetayo Jolaade Beginner Levels

This is the best forex trading class i ever had. Thank you very much. Also I'll be glad if you could mentor me.

Forex Introduction

In this course you will learn everything about the FOREX Market from the basics to advanced. What Forex is, why trade, eho can trade, when, where etc

Market Analysis

The reason for placing trades will be broken down using practical real life examples. i.e. the proper interpretation of the Information leading to Buying & Selling.

Risk Management

How to minimize losses by calculating for the volume (lot size) based on the account size & the maximization of profit. Proper risk to REWARD ratio to use.

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We will show you the proper way to trade through a Common Sense Approach because at CSAFOREX, we bring out the Sense from the Nonsense.

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