FOREX Trading for Advanced




FOREX Trading for the Advanced

The Advanced traders are those that have been trading for a while with no consistency, some have been trading for years blowing back to back accounts. So why are they still trading? They are still trading because they know they can make money from this business. As a matter of fact, traders make money but the biggest challenge with traders is keeping the money.

We would discuss strategies, guidelines that will help any trader to obtain consistency in his/her trading. Also note that there’s no strategy that is 100% so no need hopping from one strategy to another, it’ll only prolong the journey.

How to work with a structured Trading Plan, implement Trading Journal for record-keeping, how to use indicators the proper way for those trading with Indicators, Psychology of Trading would be discussed as emotions are highly in play when trading Live account(s).
We would go through this journey together as an Advanced trader is one that is almost there, just some few tweaks and the PIPs should roll in.

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