Introduction to FOREX Trading



As a Beginner, Newbie, Fresher to the business of FOREX Trading, one would have lots of questions and the ONLY way to get answers is by asking questions.

We would discuss the following in this section below:

  • What is FOREX Trading?
  • Why trade the FOREX Market?
  • Who can trade the FOREX Market?
  • When to trade the FOREX Market?
  • Where to trade the FOREX Market?
  • How to trade the FOREX Market?

You would agree that one of the questions above is the MONEY question…
You guessed right, HOW TO TRADE THE FOREX MARKET is the question we all need answers to majorly.

In-order to answer that question, you would need to subscribe to the Beginners Course but kindly watch this FREE video to get better enlightened about the business as a whole.

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